Here your children will discover and develop their passions, this is Learn to Live!

Why should parents choose the Gimnasio del Norte school for their children?

Our academic model adjusts to the philosophy of “Learn to Live!” Which interprets the students’ needs and transforms them into valuable experiences that power up their knowledge and prepare them for life.

Why are we the best international and bilingual school in Bogotá?

We are an International school

We have belonged to the International Baccalaureate Organization since 1993, and we are one of the few Colombian schools that offer all their IB programs (IB Continuum): Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, and Diploma Program. This way we facilitate our students’ development of all the attributes of the Program during their different growth stages. IB ATTRIBUTES

Security and Well-Being

Our compromise with our student’s security and well-being is evident since the very instant they get in our buses, every of our school areas is thought and developed to guarantee the commodity, security and well-being of our community.

School Transportation

We count on the most secure school transportation in Colombia, and all of our buses meet higher security standards.


Our facilities have been built on one single level, avoiding the usage of stairs in kids' and teens' commutes.

Green areas

Our campus has more than 140.000 yd2 of meadows and gardens, we are the school with more green areas for students in the country.

Our Facilities!

Compromised with our planet
We could with more than 140,000 yd2 of the garden, greed areas and sporting fields. Eight (8) soccer fields, three (3) covered coliseums and in total more than 60 sporting scenarios. We are the school with more green areas per student in the country. On their way out of our classrooms, kids and teens find themselves with wide gardens and sporting scenarios. We live and protect nature.

Innovation and Technological Development

The new tendencies in education and the challenge of preparing our students for a world that each day is a bit more digitalized, demands us to be at the forefront concerning technology. This is why, 20 years ago and more, we have been constantly upgrading all of our types of equipment and software packages.

Germán Arciniegas Library

Germán Arciniegas Library has become a resource centre for learning, investigation and the promotion of reading. A primordial tool for the development of the indication units of the PYP (Primary Years Program), the personal projects of MYP (Middle Years Program), and the DP (Diploma Program) monographs.

School Communication

In the Gimnasio del Norte School is common to see teens with cameras conducting interviews or teachers and students in front of a microphone participating in our school radio. We live in an environment where we motivate the practice of communication. Our School Communication Department coordinates the School Radio (GN 94.5) and the Diploma students’ cinematographic productions.
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Calle 207 # 70 - 50, Bogotá D.C. Colombia - C.P. 111166

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