The Diploma Programme is an under-graduate course designed for teenagers between 16 and 19 years old, which provides students with academic tools to be ready for university life, and promotes the acquisition of an international worldview for all the Program participants. Graduates of our school have the necessary abilities to adapt to any culture and situation; they are fearless when facing new challenges and always willing to suggest ideas and support their view points with reasonable arguments. The DP curriculum is composed by six subject groups: Literature in Spanish, English, History, Business and Management, Philosophy, Mathematics and Extended Mathematic Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Visual Arts, Film and Drama.

The common core of the Program is composed by three mandatory elements:

The Extended Essay: an independent research in which students focus on a specific topic, demonstrating their inquisitive spirit and write a paper to back their research up.

Theory of Knowledge: in this subject, students reflect on the nature of knowledge, its features, types and forms.

CAS (Creativity, Action and Service): this course develops concrete projects outside the classroom, which must lead to meaningful learning.

In order to complete this task, the school counts with an adequate learning environment and a trained teacher team, that provide support to the school not only in their specific discipline, but also in the management of IB Programs and its suitable evaluation.

Today, we feel proud of our results, not solely because of the acquisition of the International Baccalaureate Diplomas – with a number above 80% each year – but also because of the excellent performance of our graduates, who have learned how to be real world citizens. Once obtained the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the graduates of Gimnasio del Norte will have greater opportunities to access the best Colombian universities and apply to scholarships in universities abroad.