It is gratifying for us to welcome families that look for the best pedagogical alternative for their children. In our school, we want your children to feel confident, prepared for the world and joyful of finding their lifelong passion. 

Depending on the situation, the following steps may vary or be completely virtual. For preschool students, the usual process is as follows:

Admissions process steps - preschool

Initial visit to get to know us, acquiring and filling out the application form. You can learn more about us with our Virtual Tour.

Family interview, observation and exam’s presentation depending on the grade. Next, the request will be evaluated by the Admissions Commitee. The resulting decision will be notified to the family 3 work days later by the Admissions Officer.

Interview with the School Headmaster. This meeting has a usual duration of 30 minutes. Following this, the parents can begin the enrolment process.