The Primary Years Programme prepares students to participate in a lifelong journey of learning, enabling them to be responsible for their own learning and teaching them to investigate and build knowledge in interaction with other people. This model focuses on achieving integral development and inquiry led learning inside the classroom and in real life contexts, by working with meaningful concepts around learning experiences that are both adequate and coherent. This allows the PYP to develop skills in students that help them challenge current ways of thinking.

With the aim of preparing our students to cope with the other IB programs our school offers, our kids perform the “PYP Exhibition”, a culminating experience in which children have the opportunity of demonstrating their comprehension and meaningful actions to interact in the world they live in. In this way, they can envision themselves as world citizens, capable of applying all the Elements of the PYP framework and demonstrating how they have appropriated the learning community profile. We comply with the established standards – at a national and international level – by an inquiry program that generates authentic correlations for constructing knowledge.

1. PYP Brochure 2. Assesment in the PYP