The Symphonic Orchestra of Gimnasio del Norte was created with the aim of integrating musical performance and human development. For students, it is an option to spend their free time in an artistic endeavor. Musical training not only entertains them, but also allows them to exercise discipline and creative thinking skills, along with other attitudes and attributes of the IB profile. These qualities integrate the orchestra to the general frame of our programs.

Our students can join the orchestra since third grade. In the first trimester, they begin an exploration of the different families of instruments; then, considering the skills of each kid and the teacher’s assessment, they choose the instrument they will play through their school life. As a result, they can live a gradual process of technique acquirement and musical performance.

In third, fourth and fifth grade, the symphonic orchestra is a mandatory subject in our curriculum; every student participates in it. From sixth grade on, our students can choose between keeping the same instrument in the symphonic orchestra, creating a band or engaging in folk music, as not only symphonic music contributes to the musical processes that the students develop through the program.

Today, the school’s symphonic orchestra is conformed by around 120 students, from fifth to ninth grade. Its activity is permanent and its progress has been more than evident with each presentation and concert. We feel very proud as an institution.

Symphonic Orchestra presentations